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Sorry for the late post. I have forgotten my camera all the way back a home, so I am unable to take pictures at university..this sucks, but I will try my best to keep posting!

Woo, more university related decorating stuff. Items included in this list are obviously not very necessary for everyday uni life, but it is nice to decorate your room to give it a more homely feel (I keep repeating myself don't I?) I came to uni with the bare minimum, so whilst most peoples rooms were decorated, mine was practically empty. Here are just a few cute ideas which will help decorate pretty much any bedroom...this is just not limited to university! (obviously).

Decoration Ideas, Bedroom Miscellaneous

Mirror | Surprisingly, some unis do not provide you with a full length mirror (well...there is always the bathroom mirror). By maybe having a mirror, small or big, it can be quite convenient. Especially on a night else are you going to conclude that your outfit is perfect?

Lamp/Lights | A bedside lamp will be handy for whenever you're in bed, as some unis do not provide a light source for above your bed! Plus, some of the lights at university are blindingly bright/yellow, so a small lamp would help greatly. Fairy lights are perfect as they are both practical and decorate your room subtly. It is not over the top and they come in a variety of different style. I currently have some lanterns on my notice board and I just absolutely love them, and definitely recommend them for any room.

Ornaments/Plants | This may seem a bit silly seeing as it is at uni, which is only temporary but, these small bits n' bobs look adorable (you do not have to have a giant statue in the corner of your room). Some universities even have little stalls at the start of term selling posters and plants just to decorate your room! Also, a cactus may or may not absorb computer radiation..doesn't hurt to try does it? Plus, they are low maintenance, so no need to worry about watering them.

Pictures | A definite must are pictures of your friends and family. Whether it be in a photo frame on your window sill and bedside table or little polaroids hung on a string, both are cute and easy! It may also help you feel less homesick!

Curtains | Now buying curtains for your room may seem a bit unnecessary but if you are a light sleeper, you will definitely get awoken by the sun which passes through university curtains (whats the point of having curtains when they barely work?) Anyway, thicker curtains never hurt anyone. However if you don't really want to buy curtains, sticking posters on your windows will also help block light..even though you can't see outside your window. You win some, you lose some hey?

Boxes | Yes. Boxes can be used as decoration. Maybe you can pile your printer on your boxes of there isn't enough room on your desk, or they can serve as extra storage seeing as some universities lack in storage spaces in student rooms. Utilise everything!

Rug | Carpets are pretty horrible and cheap, so its either slippers or a rug..I say get both.

Candles | Pretty much every single uni accommodation bans the use of candles, but what they don't know, won't hurt them right? But, you may want to invest in an air freshener and I personally do not recommend the sprays as they barely work. A plug-in one is much more effective and lasts much longer. Ambi pur - White Petals = <3

Cushions/Extra Pillows | More than likely you will have a single bed, although some unis claim their beds to be either bigger or longer than the average. So its best to have a few extra pillows and cushions, especially if you're expecting visitors.

Ok, I hoped this helped in some slight way...remember..BUY LIGHTS <3

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