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I am back! For another one of those university related decorating posts (ha). As hopefully most of you guys know, the kitchen is a shared living area amongst your flatmates (whether there be 4 or 14 of you) so, some stealing of food and people using each others stuff is not a rare occurrence. Luckily in my first year of university my flatmates were amazing and nothing was stolen or taken etc etc and sometimes we even did each others washing! True flatmate love there. But, sometimes unluckily (like me this year) there are some obnoxious flatmates which will take your stuff without asking, which is terribly annoying. Sorry for my rant...just a word of advice bring spares of cutlery and crockery!

Decorating University Room Kitchen Essentials

Glasses/Cups/Mugs |Cups and mugs are a must seeing as you're going to be drinking a lot of tea and coffee! Also having a travel cup is useful for lectures you plan on going to at 9am. Glasses are also a must seeing as you will also be drinking a lot of alcohol...or water.

Plates & Bowls | You need these to eat on! It is also important to buy more than just one plate and bowl just incase some go missing (plus you can store spares in your room).

Cutlery | Forks, knives, table spoons, teaspoons are all a must! Buy in excess because it is better having more than none at all. Ikea sell cutlery for super cheap but you get a lot in return!

Pots & Pans | My parents and myself were in the mind set that seeing as I would only be cooking for myself, I would not need big/medium pans, and that small pots and pans would suffice. I was wrong, is pretty ridiculous buying a tiny frying pan because you're not going to be able to cook much apart from half an egg!  You should try to get regular sized pots and pans because its quite easy to cook way more than you intended and if you do, you can freeze that food for the future! Being a student is hard...

Kitchen accessorises | These include; Oven mitts, baking trays, spatulas, wooden spoons, colander, chopping board & kitchen towels. Funnily enough, you can disregard these items prettily easily, however, they are essential..even if you are just cooking chicken nuggets.

Salt & Pepper | Not just salt and pepper. Maybe some spices, stock cubes, sugar? At least pretend you're going to be cooking so your parents aren't bothering you about you eating nothing. (sigh)

Toaster & Kettle | Usually university kitchens come with these but some don't. (a kettle is usually definitely provided) So it is a good idea to have these, also if you're moving some to an area which typically uses soft water to an area which uses hard water, you may want to get your own kettle because limescale is a bitch.

Washing up liquid | Don't forget your gloves and sponges! (stuff like this will get stolen/used up so quickly!)

Cooking Oil | As least pretend you're going to try to cook yourself some nutritious meals?

That is it. Apart from hand wash and pasta and rice and lots of ready made food. I'm completely joking, but I hope this list has helped at least structured what you're going to get for your kitchen. I'm guessing this list would have been much more help in September/August..sorry!

Anyway, I hope you have an awesome time cooking and eating with your new things!

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