Skin Whitening?!


Whitening Products

This topic might seem a bit out of place considering that its summer and most people are ready to get their tan on, but in Asia, skin whitening is a part of most peoples everyday routine. Sun screen, essence, toners, moisturiser, face masks, they all have a tailored version for helping with skin whitening. 

In the past paler skin was regarded very highly as it meant you spent most of your time indoors as opposed to working outside in the sun. Whereas in western areas, tan skin was regarded more highly as it showed that you had more money to go on holiday..its crazy how the world thinks so differently right?

Ok, some of you guys may be thinking 'Skin whitening is crazy, why would you want to bleach your skin?!' but skin whitening has a completely different meaning in Asia.  Yes, these products are obviously 'whitening' but that is not their sole purpose, the purpose of 'skin whitening' is to also brighten, even out skin and lighten up scars or sun spots.

Theres a reason why Korean people have such amazing skin. Along with using whitening products, they avoid the sun and use the highest level of SPF possible, because as we all know the sun causes premature skim ageing, wrinkles and sun spots.

I enjoy using whitening products as they improve my overall skin tone and my scars have been significantly reduced. My skin seems to be perpetually dry and dull nowadays, but nothing but a little whitening face mask to help brighten up my skin!

What's your opinion on skin whitening?

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