Revision tips for the lazy within.


Work, revision, is inevitable as a university student to avoid any of these. Plus, summer exams are coming up which are always fun and exciting (!) Am I right or am I right?

In this post I will be sharing some tips to hopefully aid in your revision! These methods usually help me, especially when I am procrastinating like nobody's business. They will also help encourage you not with just revision but with everyday activities/chores which we all hate!

Designated work areas. By having a desk or a work area, you will associate that area with work, so you will feel more compelled to work. Also, by having this space, it means you are able to set all the work you need to do, so no excuses about setting everything up! Working in bed is the worse thing you can do, because our beds = sleep! And I don't think we need to be sleeping in this situation!

Relax. There is nothing worse than getting yourself so worked up and stressed that you can not even think straight. Extra stress will just make you not want to work, so you have to relax! Get a cup of tea and just relax for 15 minutes. Then you can work with a clear mind, which is far more efficient and much less frustrating!

Don't waste time making everything perfect and pretty! Yes, neat notes, colours and mind maps are very useful, but is it really necessary to be colouring it all in? Everything in moderation right?

Switch it up. Revising one certain topic can get extremely boring, and you may find that your mind starts to wander. So, have multiple topics to be revising! When you're 'bored' or have done a certain amount of work on one topic, move to the next, to keep things fresh and different. Personally for me, I feel that this keeps me much more focused!

Take Breaks. Everyone needs breaks, just for a few minutes! Do not go and have a break for 2 hours..because that will make you feel even more lazy and you will be less likely to work.

Reward yourself! Have a cookie, play a game, sleep! By having a reward, it will hopefully make you work harder and faster so you can reach your end goal and receive your reward sooner!

And..thats what I have been trying to do lately. Other people swear by repetition, writing your notes down repeatedly, saying it out loud, using multiple colours to write your notes etc. But, remember just because someone says that there is an optimal way to so revision, does not mean you have to do the same! Everyone is different and everyone learns in different ways and at different rates. If you start adopting someones methods who aren't the best for you, then why should you? (I am not very good at eloquently phrasing things am I? ha) Adapt the methods to your liking! It is all about you!

Anyway, sorry for all the writing and the hiatus...I will be back soon!

GOOD LUCK IN YOUR EXAMS...I believe in all of you!

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