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Woo, here is to a break from all of the university related posts! Recently, (or 2 weeks ago) I bought an denim jacket which I have been wanting since forever, plus it was in the sale which was a bonus! However, when I got home I was completely clueless as to what I should wear it with, seeing as denim jackets are regarded as quite a casual piece of clothing, and personally my style is not very casual. 

Some of you guys may be having the same problem as me (having no style at all..ha) so, I have decided to provide you with some outfit ideas to help myself and inspire you to be creative with your outfits. Ahh, I love clothes.

Here is a not too casual look with a denim jacket. I personally think its very cute and feminine! I love the gold and black combo, which is very classy and stylish. Plus, what I love to do whilst wearing anything with a collar, is to put a statement necklace (or even just a small dainty one), just below my collar, and this really makes the outfit stand out as the clothes are quite simple.

This is also another not too casual outfit, but it is very sweet and adorable. Again, there is more collared stuff, which makes any outfit much more put together and perfect for any occasion. The small dainty accessories will also bring together any outfit, and they are also not too big so it is a nice way to subtly spice up your outfit! The belt and satchel also match to make your outfit much more cohesive. The darker denim jacket is much easier to pull off compared to the more light washed ones, so take that into consideration when buying a denim jacket!

Demin Jacket Style
Here is the last outfit! Which is extremely casual compared to the previous outfits seeing as I really doubt you want 3 outfits which are extremely similar. This outfit is extremely laid back and comfortable but still stylish. There are also some cute glasses and a beanie and I think that this is such a cute combination. Plus, I used the light wash denim jacket in this instance because I thought it is much more suited to the more casual pairings.

So, these are just some ideas of how to style your denim jacket. These are just inspirations for your outfits, so I hope this helped in some way!

Byeee and thank you for reading!

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