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So, this will be my first post on university decor and I am starting off with Bedroom Essentials! New students who are experiencing moving away for the first time may be absolutely clueless in what to bring to university. Some may bring a surplus of crap, which ends up cluttering their room, however others may bring rarely anything which is regarded as superfluous, and this causes their room to be pretty bare.

 I have included a variety of random things (not absolutely everything will be necessary, this list is for you to add/remove items to your tastes!) which may help enhance you room to make it more cosy. Decor is also very dependant on your living arrangements, as universities offers a range of accommodation ranging from ensuite to shared toilets, and bedrooms may vary widely in size. I also apologise for any essential items that I have missed! Here we go!

Decorating Bedroom Essentials

Laundry Basket Yes. You will be doing laundry. Yes. You may shrink half of your wardrobe. But, by having a laundry basket (I'm not implying that it will help unshrink your jumpers ha) you will have a much cleaner room, seeing as you aren't throwing your dirty clothes all over your floor, plus it is much easier to transport to the laundry room.

Clothes Rack/Storage boxes | Depending on your bedroom size, you may want to consider some extra storage as some universities do not offer sufficient storage space. They can also be used as decoration if you obtain super cute boxes. By being in possession of a clothes rack you can hang clothes which required to be hung and you also have more space, therefore more clothes!

BeddingMajority of universities do not provide; duvets, pillows, duvet covers, pillow covers, pillow protectors, mattress protector (a must!) So you must bring these. The beds at university generally are single, however, I personally have a double duvet with a single bed and it's SO comfy.

Books & BookendsEvery good student needs their core module books as well as other books to occupy you during stressful times. Surprisingly, I found out that personally, during university you obtain a lot of free time (after you acknowledge: lectures, practicals, socials, coursework etc.) usually between lectures, where you can read a nice book. Bookends are also awesome to have, as they keep books up on your shelf rather than all over your desk and one likes to be awoken at 3am by books falling over. Its pretty terrifying.

Rug This is completely optional, but university carpets tend to be pretty horrible, so having a big rug to cover it up it always good and it adds subtle decoration to your room, this will make your room much more homely and less foreign.

HangersNeed I say more? Last time I forgot hangers and I ended up chucking my coats EVERYWHERE.

Mirror Some but not all universities provide a mirror within the actual bedroom (In an ensuite room there is usually a mirror), so a mirror could be handy for; taking pictures, seeing if you look presentable for a lecture, seeing if you look presentable for a night out etc. Plus, it would be a big shock going from having big mirrors at home, to small mirrors at uni

Slippers/RobeAs a consequence of living in university accommodation, you have the inevitable fire alarm, so it is extremely convenient to have a robe that you can cover yourself up with, especially if the fire alarm goes off at 3am and you're in your jammies. Slippers are also nice to have because I really doubt you will want to be walking barefoot into the kitchen.

Towels Not just body towels...but, hand towels, face towels, hair towels..

TissuesYou will get ill and you will need tissues. Having a bedside box of tissues will save you a few trips to the bathroom to get toilet roll.

I hope this list helps, even though it has only covered a few essential items (I presume you would have remembered to bring clothes and what not)

                                                                                                         What are your university essentials?

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