Three Korean Variety Shows You Should Watch


I love Korean variety shows. They are extremely different to western programmes, mainly due to the quirky editing, which I find extremely cute! So, here are some Korean variety shows that I love.

Running Man

Running Man Logo
A show consisting of 7 members who carry out various missions to win prizes and avoid punishments, in a race styled game. Sometimes they work together, in teams, with special guests or against each other. They occasionally have special episodes by either focussing on one member or via storytelling/movie like episodes.

I absolutely adore this show, I think it is hilarious and each member has their own special qualities and quirks which make it very interesting to watch. Their interactions and connection are especially fun to watch as sometimes they turn against each other when they were meant to work together.

The Return of Superman

The Return of Superman Logo

Celebrity dads are left to look after their children for 48 hours in their wives absence. Whilst they look after the children, they do special activities either appointed by their wives, or the episodes theme.

This show is ridiculously adorable. Although it is quite sad that some of the families have left the show (especially with the triplets leaving soon). However, it is fun to watch the dads struggle with looking after the kids and their interactions, seeing as the kids are quite young so they are extremely unfiltered haha! It is an extremely heartwarming show watching the kids care for their parents amongst other things. One of my favourite parts is to watch them cook and eat because its adorable!

1 Night 2 Days

1 Night 2 Days Logo

This show is ever so slightly similar to Running Man in the sense that there are a lot of missions and punishments, however the aim of this show is to recommend places in Korea that you have to go check out! When missions are carried out in this show, it is to mainly win food/for a place to sleep and to avoid the punishment!

The members in this show are all hilarious and between them have a lot of banter, which is entertaining to watch. I am also very upset that Kim Joo-Hyuk is leaving, however deep down I am hoping he will return after he has finished his other commitments ha!

Do you guys have any Korean shows you would like to recommend?

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