Things You Wish You Had Known Before Getting A Piercing


As you guys should know, I have multiple piercings. Before I had these, I did a lot of research of what I was letting myself into, what to expect, what was the optimal jewellery and how to care for my piercing. However, there are somethings that I definitely not know after getting my piercing done, and I had to learn the hard way. These things you may have known already prior to getting a piercing, but me on the other hand, did not!

Ear Piercing

They Will Get Caught/Bumped | No matter how cautious you are it will happen eventually. It may be not even by your hand but by other people!

Getting Dressed is Harder Than You Thought | Carefully manoeuvring your head through a hole and not allowing you ear to touch the edges is harder than it seems. Even if you try your hardest it may get bumped.

Getting a Haircut | I did it and the hairdresser nearly ripped my piercing out so...tell your hairdresser to be careful.

The Healing Process Is a Bitch | I thought it would not be as bad as everyone made it out to be, but let me tell you now it is the longest tedious process ever. Every time you get it caught or bumped, that increases your healing time.

Certain Piercings Are Very Hard To Clean | Depending on how your ear is shaped seeing as everyones ears are different. But some piercings e.g. the rook, getting in to the nook and crannies are very hard..and earwax build up is gross but so satisfying to get rid of (sorry if that was gross)

Earphones?| Certain Piercings will block where you place your earphones e.g. tragus/daith.

You Will Need To Find a New Sleeping Position | If you always sleep on your left and then you get a piercing on your left you may have to sleep different. It is not recommend to sleep on your piercing especially when it is healing! I now sleep on my arm by bending it and then putting my ear through the hole..if that makes sense..

Do you guys have anything that you wish you had known before getting a piercing?

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