Stuck In A Rut


After graduating and not being so prepared as other people (applying for jobs and internships etc, whilst completing your studies), you feel a tad lost. Not knowing what to do or being rejected from jobs can be disheartening. Most people say that its ok for you to be lost at this age, however, sometimes it can be all over whelming and you can work yourself into a routine of going nowhere, which makes you feel down and to be frank - a bit shit. So here are just some tips that have helped me and will hopefully help you!

One Step at a Time | You are not going to land the perfect job instantly. You will get there in good time, baby steps!

Create Realistic Goals | You have to accept that fact that you may not get your dream job straight away. Start small.

Broaden Your Outlook | Do not limit yourself. Don't let your academic credentials hold you back by letting you think that you cannot excel in any other field. You can do whatever you want, it will just take time and commitment.

Get Organised | Plan, plan, plan. Take notes and start researching about things you want to do. Having a list and ticking things off will help you keep everything in order.

Express Yourself | If you're angry be angry, if you're sad be sad! Do not bottle your emotions up because it is extremely self destructive. Talk to people if you have to!

New Interests/Hobbies | Being fixated on one topic will be exhausting and repetitive. By going out doing new things and learning new things, you will feel overall much happier, as opposed to being sat at home doing nothing! It can be just as simple as reading books!

Do you guys have any advice or tips for getting out of a rut?

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