New Year Resolutions 2016!


Happy new year everyone! It is finally 2016 and I am going to be very cliché and say that 2015 has absolutely flown by. I finished my dissertation, I graduated and now I'm searching for a job. I thought it would be fun to share some of my resolutions this year, so here they are.

Drink More Water | I feel like I have increased my water intake greatly over the past year, but I would love to drink more because I still feel like it isn't enough.

Get A Job | Yes, being unemployed sucks, so I hope to get a job soon, especially before I go back into more education.

Wake Up Earlier/Sleep Earlier | I sleep at ridiculous times in the morning (3am) and I always wake up at 12pm, which to be honest is a whole waste of a morning. So, I will try to start sleeping earlier so I can wake up earlier.

Blog More | I feel like I have been slacking in blogging, so I will try my best to blog more about everything and nothing!

Improve My Skincare Routine | Every morning and night I wash, tone, oil, serum and moisturise my face, but I would like to add a few more steps into my skincare routine to improve my skin, because I have so many scars and my skin is extremely uneven.

These are mine, what are your new year resolutions? :)

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