Getting Back Into The s-WING of Things


Anyway, if you haven't gathered, I am starting to use liquid eyeliner again. For some people this might be confusing because how can liquid eyeliner not be in your everyday make up? Personally for me I do enjoy my make up being a lot more natural and simple which is pretty much code for - I am a lazy sod. But, recently I have been wanting to incorporate liquid eyeliner back into my routine and I decided on the Soap & Glory Supercat liquid eyeliner.

I specifically chose an eyeliner pen because I thought it would be easier to use and this has quite good reviews! However, when I first swatched this on my hand the line produced wasn't all that thin and sharp, nor was it 'black extreme' as it claimed. You may have to go over the same spot a few times for the line to be completely black and solid. The harder you press the blacker and thicker the line is, if you press lightly the line is thinner but not as black. The felt tip end is quite flimsy so it is even harder to get your wings precise.

The eyeliner does the job and it is pretty cheap and easy to handle. I do think that Soap & Glory have actually reformulated this eyeliner? (Don't quote me on that) So maybe I have to try it out again. I am quite disappointed because I love other Soap & Glory products so much. Maybe I am extremely unlucky and eyeliner pens don't work for me?  But, I think I will be looking elsewhere for liquid eyeliner.

Have you tried this eyeliner? Did it work for you?

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