Things to Consider When Choosing Your University


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Yes, it is nearly summer holidays and you can all relax! Think again. You might be questioning why I'm choosing to talk about picking universities so early, but is it really that early? It is always better to be prepared. I remember the first day of my second year of college and everyone was running around talking about university applications . I thought I would make a little list which will help you decide on your university choices.

Available Courses | There are so many courses out there that you haven't even heard of. Depending on which subject you're doing, there are usually variations such as; with a year abroad, with industry experience, foundation year, etc. Look more into these and see if they will benefit you in the long run or if your grades aren't the best, taking a foundation year lowers the grades you need to get, it just takes longer to obtain a degree. For you guys wanting to do a masters possibly, now is the best time. A few universities offer a built in masters with your undergrad, which means less money to pay overall!

Grades | Yes. The dreaded grades. In this one instance, they mean a lot. However, don't feel down if you feel like you have low grades because you can do something about it! Clearing is a magical thing.

Campus | There are many types available but the main two types are: where the whole campus is in one place and where the campus is spread all over a wide area. Obviously when the campus is enclosed and everything is found in one spot, its pretty easy to feel like a community because you have a high chance of bumping into people and less chance of getting lost! Whereas if you go to a university where the campus buildings and accommodation is spread through a wide area, makes you more likely to become lost and a bit overwhelming, especially if you're not used to urban areas.

Location | This is completely up to you. Some people like to move quite far away from home, whilst others like to stay quite close. Another factor is whether the University is located in an urban area or a rural. Location is all about your personal preference!

Accommodation | There are a lot of accommodation and your budget may affect what you can rent. This is also completely up to your personal preference. Ensuite, shared bathrooms, on campus, off campus, boys only, girls only, single beds, double your research on each uni!

I hope this has been a little help to some of you guys!

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