All About Dry Skin Types and Make Up For Dry Skin


In the Summer, many of us experience oilier skin due to high temperatures which causes us to sweat. However, a small amount of us suffer from dry skin, but not everyone has the same type of dry skin. Each types needs to be treated different and make up can react different to each type of dry skin, so here I will be walking you through the 3 main types of dry skin and how to conquer them!

Dry Skin Since Birth
  • Flaky Skin
  • Dry Skin No Matter What
  • Small Wrinkles around your lips
  • After you wash up your skin is immediately dry and tight
  • Your skin is dry regardless of the weather and seasons
  • Make up clings to your dry patches                                                
Prep your Skin

Moisturising and retaining moisture are as equally important. Incorporating a facial oil and moisture rich products into your daily skincare routine will prep your face perfectly for make up.

Applying an essence once with cotton pads, then for a second time using your hands, patting in the product until you can no longer feel in on your skin, then apply oil to lock in the moisture and massage to help your skin absorb the oil. Using the oil last will ensure that the moisture is locked in to your skin, leaving your skin free of dry patches.

Make up

There are many primers and bases out there and they are usually targeted towards people with oily skin. However, a few moisturising bases exist and these will help your make up become flawless and natural. Using a moisturising base and moisturising products lightly will help with your base make up.


Seasonal Dry Skin
  • In Summer/warmer weather your skin is fine
  • In Winter/colder weather your skin is dry
  • Your skin can be temperamental so you are unsure of your skin type
Prep your Skin

You have to adapt your skin care to your skin, each season means different skincare products.

Apply cream which has a thicker richer texture, then use a mist on your face and pat it into your face until you can no longer feel the product.

Make Up

Adapt your make up to the seasons is key to battling this type of dry skin, seeing as your skin is not always the same. You should keep a close eye on how your skin is and adapt your skincare and make up accordingly. A good tip for your base make up, is to use thin layers of your foundation or BB cream and spraying a mist in between each layer. This will ensure your skin stays smooth and hydrated, making your base make up look glowing and healthy.


Partial Dry Skin
  • Cheeks and Chin (U-zone) are dry areas
  • Forehead and nose (T-zone) are oily areas
  • You have a mixture of dry and oily patches
  • Your make up becomes patchy in the oily areas of your face
Prep your Skin

You have to treat the oily and dry areas of your face with different product seeing as they require different things! Dry areas will need more moisture and oily areas need mattifying, definitely not more moistursing! In your T-zone (usually oily) use toners and emulsions which are thinner in texture. In your U-zone (usually dry) use oily and richer products which are thicker in texture.

Apply a moisturising toner all over your face and then an oil controlling toner concentrating on the oily parts of your face. Using a thick cream to the drier areas first, then tap the remaining product along your t-zone, should even out your skin and provide a nice base for make up, tackling both the patchy areas and shiny areas.

Make Up

Light make up application around the oily areas is very important so the make up doesn't slide off your face. Set with powder in oily areas using a precise brush in a tapping motion as to not move the make up around too much. However, in the dry areas apply 2 light layers of your base make up and use concealer if needed.

I hope this has helped some of you guys out!

What are your skincare and make up tips for dry skin?

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