Dry Skin Must Have


My skin has been getting drier the past few years and I have yet to find a moisturiser that combats this! Trust me, I have tried my fair share of moisturisers and it kind of surprises me that I haven't found my HG. This lead me to Mizon Hyaluronic Ultra Subbon Cream, so I thought, what do I have to lose? The results were magical.

To be honest I have never heard of this brand before, even though I really do love my korean brands! It is a pretty cheap Hyaluronic based moisturiser that has a hybrid gel/lotion texture...does that make sense? Initially it seems thick but once you start the application the product thins out, absorbs quickly with no residue and leaves your skin lovely and hydrated. Theres no distinguishable scent and it is extremely gentle on the skin.

I have been applying this on most days, especially when my skin is dry and flaky. I can say that this is one of the better moisturisers I have used in a long time. It hasn't broke me out nor has it irritated my skin nor has it sat on top of my dry patches and done nothing. To all you out there with dry skin, you have to try this! You will end up with hydrated, plump and glowing skin! Plus, its cheap...so what do you have to lose?

What's your go to moisturiser for dry skin?

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