Rook Piercing Experience


So, a few weeks ago (23rd September), I walked into my local piercing place just to ask their opinion on my daith. Personally I think it was pierced a little shallow but, all the piercers I go to and ask they said its ok, so lets hope its ok and I will try to stop being so paranoid. Anyway, I impulsively decided to get my rook pierced with a bar. This was mainly because I got my cartilage pierced with a BCR and it kept getting caught.

I have been wanting more piercings for a long time, seeing as my last piercing had been in February. So, I went in and struggled to sit on the chair because it was way too high and I am shorter than I'd liked to admit.

He marked where he was going to pierce, I checked and agreed on the placement and he stuck a needle through me and tried to put the bar jewellery through. Now as you know, the rook is in a hard to reach place on your ear, so he struggled getting the jewellery in (and because my ear was small apparently) which meant he kept bashing my tragus and it wasn't fully healed yet. It was painful and with every struggle I was slowly edging away haha. In the end he put a bigger needle through me so he could get the jewellery in more easily and he also got some clamps so he could tighten the jewellery in more easily.

Overall, I don't think it was the most painful piercing I have had, I don't know whether its because the pain of my tragus was taking away from the pain of the rook piercing but wasn't terribly painful.

I am also a bleeder haha.

Anyway, I love it, its so pretty and hidden away and subtle and is healing like a dream!

So do you guys want to get any new piercings? :)

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