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Manuka honey and Black berry

In my face masks haul you may have saw me buy some Innisfree sheet masks. I got the line called 'It's a Real Squeeze' in Manuka Honey and Blackberry. They also have: kiwi, green tea, acai berry, rice, rose, strawberry, lime, bija, tea tree, pomegranate, shea butter, aloe, bamboo and cucumber. Each one promises different skin benefits, so you will definitely find something that is suited to you!

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The sheets masks of this range are all composed of three different layers. This is supposed to help the essence absorb into your skin more efficiently, thus leaving you with fully nourished and moisturised skin. 

The essence in the mask is extremely runny and thinner than you would expect it to be. The essence in the Manuka Honey mask was transparent whereas the essence in the Blackberry mask was opaque and creamy looking.

Both face masks have a very faint smell. The Manuka Honey ever so slightly smelt of honey and the Blackberry had a faint hint of berries. The sheet mask had a very nice fit on my face, especially around the eyes. There were special cuts in the mask to allow you to mould the mask to fit your face with ease.

After the removal of the sheet mask and massaging of the essence into your skin (as instructed on the packaging), you are left with quite an uncomfortable tacky feeling on your face and it lasts for a good few hours. I suppose this happens to help your skin retain and absorb the moisture for longer. 

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Overall, I may try these masks again, hopefully I will find some that do not leave a tacky feeling behind! 

So, do you guys have any face masks you want to try? Any sheet masks that you love? :)

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