Haul #3 | Lush Bath Bombs


Hey everyone. Autumn is here and all I want are warm drinks and baths (and to sparkle). The other day I was sat in my boring bath thinking 'It has been quite a long time since I've used a bath bomb.' So I set out the next day in the search of some bath bombs and naturally the first place you think of is Lush. Now my boyfriend bought me a gift card for Lush quite a while back so I thought why not treat myself and see what Lush have to offer this Christmas.


The Experimenter | I have seen many beauty gurus use this bath bomb before and I understand why. This bath bomb contains vanilla and tonka. The scent personally for me wasn't a favourite, but how can you resist the colours? This turns your bath water into paint water, with all of the pretty colours swirling together. When it fully dissolves you get what I call murky mixed paint water haha, but when you mix the water your bath turns into a pretty purple with glitter and who doesn't love a bit of glitter?

Golden Wonder | Even though this mainly consists of citrus scents, which I am personally not a big fan of, it is surprisingly pleasant. It will also fill your bath with stars and turn it turquoise. I can't wait to use this and get into the Christmas spirit..even if it is a bit early.

Father Christmas | I may be a little but bias towards the snow fairy scent, but this is my favourite bath bomb out of all three! It is an extremely sweet smell, but it isn't over powering. It also turns your bath bright green!

What are your favourite bath bombs from lush? :)

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