Graduation Outfit Ideas


I have just finished my exams as you know, and I can't help but think about graduation (even thought I'm not even in my final year yet).  However, after seeing Emma Watson graduating, it has made me extremely excited and anticipate my own upcoming graduation, which is approximately 1year+ away (so soon right?).  I know for definite that I want to wear white, so I have compiled some bits and pieces which I think would look formal, classy and cute for graduation!

Graduation Outfit

Shoes are an extremely important component to the whole outfit. That and you're walking in them for the whole of your graduation, up and down stairs, on the stage. So, you preferably want to wear shoes that are comfortable, especially if you're wearing heels, you don't want to fall in front of everyone now! Or you can play it safe and wear flats.

I specifically chose white for the dresses (not because of Emma Watson..ok maybe a little bit) due to the contrast of the colours between the dress and robe. I personally think graduation thing is a great time to experiment with colour, and that wearing a black dress under a black robe is a tad 'boring' and a missed opportunity to really stand out from the crowd. However, everyone has their own personal preference.

Big, clunky jewellery is not very suited for a formal occasions, so I think small dainty pieces are adorable and will accentuate your outfit nicely.

I am on the fence on whether I want my graduation to come sooner or not...on one hand I will be receiving my degree with my family around be and it will be quite a happy moment, on the other hand it means the end of education for me (unless I go on to do further study) and job hunting for my career...scary.

So, to all of you out there graduating this year, CONGRATULATIONS, I wish you all the best for your future :D

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