Mini Mac Lipstick Collection



Lustering - Outspoken pink (Lustre) 
This was my very first mac lipstick. It is quite a bright pink and I think it will suit many skin tones. It is such a pretty colour for just perking yourself up!

Ruby Woo - Very matte vivid blue-red (Retro Matte)
One of my newer lipsticks that I bought on impulse, but I am in love with it! It is known for being on the dryer side compared to the other matte lipsticks, so you will have to prep your lips very well. But it is all worth it because the colour is absolutely beautiful, and it makes your teeth look very white!

Plumful - Blossoming rose-plum (Lustre) 
This is definitely more suited for the Autumn/Winter, so it is not suitable for the current weather (unless you wish to rock this in the summer then, whatever floats your boat). However, it is such a flattering colour and it is definitely different to the standard pink/orange colours.

Speed Dial - Light blue pink (Cremesheen) 
Personally I am not a fan of the finish (please don't kill me). I personally prefer the lustre finish as I like much more of a glossy finish. Also, this lipstick may not suit all skin tones so beware! It makes me look quite ghostly and washed out (barbie pink much?)

Please Me - Muted-rosy-tinted pink (Matte)
Initially I did not like the colour of this on me, however the more I try it on the more I love it. Some days it looks very pretty on my skin tone, whereas other days, it can look absolutely hideous. But, I do love the finish, seeing as it is not extremely drying as usual matte lipsticks are.

Brick-o-La - Mid-tone berry (Amplified Creme)
I love this lipstick. It is such a unique colour which will be beautiful on most people. Plus, the pigmentation is fabulous, just one swipe and you get this amazing colour.

L-R | SpeedDial, Ruby Woo, Plumful, Please Me, Lustering, Brick-O-La

L-R | SpeedDial, Ruby Woo, Plumful

L-R | Please Me, Lustering, Brick-O-La

So, any mac lipstick recommendations? :D

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