Things I have learnt from my 2014 exams


YES. TODAY MARKS THE END OF EXAMS (for me anyway). I am currently feeling confused? Whilst I'm browsing the internet looking at random stuff, I can't help but think agh I need to revise! But, I don't even have any exams left. Mixed bag of emotions here atm. Happy, sad, confused, lost etc. normal stuff. Anyway, I have realised some things from these recent exams that I thought I would share!

Be Prepared |Yes, it is a bit of an obvious statement, however many of us neglect this fact. Simply telling ourselves "hey I have more time, lying here doing absolutely nothing won't hurt" Don't do this to yourself! Have all your notes prepared, have a revision plan, don't delay it, revision is inevitable.

Water is much better than caffeine | This factor can vary from person to person. Some may thrive with the intake of caffeine, to others it will have no effect. I personally prefer water, because it keeps your hydrated and it will hopefully keep your mind focused on the task at hand.

Sleep is a necessity | I personally find it utterly pointless to study whilst being completely exhausted. Your eyes will hurt, you won't be able to concentrate, you will lack motivation to work due to being tired etc. I find it better to just sleep, or even just nap. Then when you're feeling refreshed and a little more awake, you can then revise more efficiently, as opposed to a half brain dead tired version of yourself.

Invest in plasters | I don't know how it is for you guys but writing notes and long essay questions in multiple exams can really take a toll on your hand. My writer bump becomes extremely prominent during exam times and for some reason, this year I have somehow also obtained a bump between my thumb and index finger crevice thing (whatever you wish to call it). Maybe I have started to hold my pen weirdly, but plasters have really helped me.

Stay calm | As much as you want to freek out, cry, tear your hair out, die in a corner, you need to calm down. There are many people in the same position as you so do not think you're alone in this. Please talk to someone if you're feeling extremely stressed, friends are there for a reason, they are there to listen to you stress out and you're there for them. Sometimes its nice to release some steam via your friends (not by shouting or violence ._.) 

Eat | I have realised that I consume not as much food as I usually do during exam season. This is mainly down to trying to dedicate and balance my time between work and keeping myself sane (sleeeeeep). But, food is a necessity (obviously), without it I'm pretty sure all you will be able to think about is when you can eat, when you should eat, what you should cook, etc. 

Sleeping Patterns | Due to my exams being scheduled after the easter break, it means I had a month of getting up late in the afternoon and eating at ridiculous times. I feel that I should have used that month to start to train myself to get up earlier and this would hopefully help me in exam season, allowing me to wake up earlier (more revision time). 

But alas...I'm just super lazy bitch. I will learn next year. Hopefully.

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