First Exam.



Well I just finished my first exam (1/8). Now I am pondering about going to revise for my exam for tomorrow or to rest for a bit. Don't you just hate it when exams are so close together? Especially at university seeing as they set their own exams/dates. It is understandable in high school (secondary school, whatever you wish to call it) or in college to have exams on consecutive days or even within a few hours of each other! Seeing as its beyond the schools control and it is up to the exam boards.

Anyway, Good luck to everyone out there currently undergoing exams! Remember, do not sacrifice your mental health just for a few marks. The more you relax (I know..its hard) the better you will feel...obviously. If you're feeling really hopeless just remember that there are people out there who will do worse than you and there are also plenty of people in the same position as you (the 'exam' tumblr tag is great if you want to procrastinate for 5 minutes). Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself, or breathe very heavily and quickly like me..everyone may stare but it feels great :P

WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHERRRR (kind of). Good luck :D

side note: my university is handing out fruits (bananas, apples and pears etc.) on campus outside of exam venues, which is super duper cool. However all of the fruits are in a wheelbarrow which they are wheeling around and I find this completely hilarious. random.

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