Korean Skincare Jargon


I'm pretty sure that most of us know the basic of skincare such as; cleanser, exfoliator, toner and moisturiser, but do you know everything in between? Nowadays Korean skin care has become so popular that the jargon can be a tad confusing. Today I am here to try and help you with all of this new skincare terminology!

Toner/Refersher/Softener | Typically have a watery consistency with the aim of removing leftover dirt and excess cleanser and rebalancing the skins pH. Nowadays, you can get toners for just about any skin ailment there is, from dry skin to dull skin. It preps your skin ready for the next step by helping your skin absorb product more readily making latter products used more effective. Often applied with hands and patted on for extra hydration!

Ampoule | Contain much more active ingredients compared to serums hence why they are usually used after the toner step in your skincare routine to be the most effective and are called super serums or a booster. Due to the high concentration of active ingredients, they tend to be on the pricier size, but ampoules are more often used sparingly/temporarily as a skin rescue solution, specifically targeting skin concerns.

Essence | Thinner in consistency compared to a serum, quite similar to a lotion. Adding an extra layer of hydration to your skin and supposedly works by increasing cell turnover time, helping your skin recover faster.

Serum |  Mainly are used to target certain skin concerns such as: brightening, wrinkle care, pore tightening, whitening etc. as they are able to penetrate into deeper layers of your skin. It also preps your skin for moisturiser, so it can work more effectively.

Is there anymore Korean Skincare Jargon that you're unsure about?

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