Don't Be a Prick Rose Gold Necklace Dixi

Necklaces are the perfect jewellery for everyone. Earrings are for people who have their ears pierced, bracelets and rings may be too loose or tight on some people, but necklaces are just right. I do prefer quite simple jewellery and these two necklaces are my current favourites!

Oh My Clumsy Heart - Don't be a prick cactus choker | This comes in: silver, gold and rose gold. I obviously got the rose gold one and its such a pretty colour! Its a small dainty necklace which you can wear as a choker or lower. The message is very cheeky and its one of my favourite necklaces.

Dixi | I have always loved hands and this is so beautiful. It sits in between your middle/lower chest, which is much lower than I prefer my necklaces but, it sits in the perfect spot if you're wearing a low v neck top. The hand is small and minimalistic and compliments most outfits as a subtle quirky piece.

What are your current favourite pieces of jewellery?

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