Korean Beauty | The Metal Cushion?!


As we all know a lot of beauty products from Asia are popping all over here on the west side (that reminded me of Ali-G haha). From sheet facial masks to BB creams and more recently cushion foundation! Recently' Lancôme released the Miracle Cushion Foundation which is one of the firsts cushion foundations to be released across the pond and Maybelline have also jumped on to the bandwagon and have released one as well. 

A Cushion foundations is basically a liquid foundation soaked cushion, encased in a compact. To apply the foundation, a sponge is pressed into the cushion and patted onto the face. But, now there are metal cushions available! Instead of the product being soaked in a sponge, it is located beneath the metal plate which contains holes. By gently pushing the metal down, products comes out the holes, so it is a little more hygienic and more easy to clean compared to the traditional cushion.

It is a really cool product right? Have you guys tried any type of cushion foundations before? :)

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