There are so many varieties of bags out there, yet I always seem to over look the clutches. I personally typically associate them with clubbing and going on nights out, but I have recently been watching Jessica and Krystal's reality show (you guys should watch it!) and I've realised that they carry clutches around A LOT. Maybe its because they have clutches which means I want them...CONSUMERISM (did I use that right? ha). Then again I have grown quite bored of the over the shoulder bags and satchels etc. so clutches are a nice change.

The majority of clutches are designed to carry the basics, hence them being quite small, flat and strapless. However, some clutches are bigger and some do have straps..which I find a tad bizarre, but each to their own!

So, here are some clutches which I love and I want them all! Also, is it just me or these bags would be easily snatched out of my hands? Knock on wood.

As you can tell I'm very boring when it comes to fashion..I like to play it safe. This is because whenever I do try to do something different and out of my comfort zone..things tend not to go well aka I end up looking like a clown. I need to get the asks stitched panel zip around clutch..(someone buy pls?)

Ha, do you guys like clutches?

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