Review | Good Things - Manuka Honey Refining Scrub


Woo...finally posting haha! 
With all the travelling I have to do back and from university, it has made my skin extremely dry. I am also getting weird dry patches all over my body as opposed to a big dry area...Also did you know your eyebrows can get dry?! Well mine have and I have been moisturising my eyebrows...anyway..

I picked up this face mask because my skin was looking dry and dull. I also needed a good scrub because dead skin clinging on to your skin, has gots to get gone.

The scrub contains oatmeal so it is not as abrasive as other scrubs out there! It has a scent, predominately honey (who saw that coming), which I am personally not a big fan of..however the scrub does the job and leaves my skin nice and refreshed! Not red and raw from being too abrasive!

However, personally I can not stand the smell, so I probably will not be repurchasing! But, if you want a nice exfoliator which smells like honey and is gentle on your skin, this is the one for you.

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